BTG assures the implementation, integration and coordination of the different building techniques and technologies. These are building automation, building management, access control, HVAC, building technologies related to renewable energies like wind energy, solar energy, LED lighting, and other.
BTG is acting in three main sectors:
· residential sector;
· tertiary sector (hospitality, healthcare, community and other);
· and industry.


The core business of BAT is Building Management Systems.
It has developed smart management software for hotels, community buildings, hospitals and other.
His full range of modules allows data acquisition, controls and commands any type of appliances. It brings all building technologies together.
BAT offers:
· Simple and flexible integration;
· Easy and dynamic set up;
· Coordination of the different contractors;
· One software management tool for the whole range of building management


Clever House has designed a full range of products for home automation.
It installs, sets up and configures automation systems. It also provides support and training for retailers and customers.
Home automation systems designed by Clever House can be used for lighting automation, HVAC automation, housekeeping, access control, alarm system, blinds control, renewable energy systems control. The whole installation can be controlled by push buttons, remote controls, mobile phone, personal computer, through the Internet, or more.